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02 Oct 03,, 04:32
Indian politician survives attack

Leftist rebels have tried to kill the chief minister of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, but Chandrababu Naidu survived the mine blast, police say.
Mr Naidu had a narrow escape when the mines exploded close to his car, but four others were reported to be in a serious condition.

The explosion occurred on a forest road between the Hindu temples sites at Tirupati and Tirumala, the police say.

Mr Naidu was rushed to hospital where he was treated for leg and shoulder injuries - his condition was not considered to be dangerous.

The four seriously injured are state cabinet minister B Gopala Krishna Reddy, two state legislators from Mr Naidu's party, and his driver.

Hit list

The incident occurred around 1600 local time when Mr Naidu was travelling in a large convoy heading to the famous Lord Venkateshwara temple in the Tirumala hills.

The police say they suspect that the outlawed People's War Group (PWG) was behind the attack.

Senior police official SR Sukumara said claymore mines were triggered by remote control as Mr Naidu's bullet-proof white Ambassador car passed by.

Claymore mines carry a small charge packed behind hundreds of steel balls. On detonation, the balls shoot forwards and are likely to kill anyone in their path.

They are considered ideal weapons for ambushes.

Activists of Mr Naidu's regional Telugu Desam party took to the streets of Tirupati, smashing windscreens of buses in protest at the assassination attempt.

Mr Naidu is a key ally of Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and is often named as a potential national leader.

The BBC's Omer Farooq in the Andhra Pradesh capital, Hyderabad, says Mr Naidu's car was completely destroyed in the blast.

Mr Naidu is one of the political leaders on the hit list of the PWG.

The PWG has carried out such blasts in the past, targeting politicians and police officials.

The former home minister of Andhra Pradesh, A Madhav Reddy was killed in a massive land mine blast in March 2000 at Ghatkesar near Hyderabad.


07 Oct 03,, 03:24
The attack was by a Communist group the Peoples' War Group. They are Maoists and operate around the tribal and backward belt in heavily forested areas. They are also known as 'Naxalites', a movement started in Naxalbari {West Benga;]by Charu Majumdar abd his henchman, Jangal Santhal. They subscribe to the view that there has to be atotal People Revolution to overthrow the govt.

Some of them have come overground and are participating in the poplitical process and their party is Communist Party of India [Marxist - Lennist].

The Communist Parties [there are three of them] are not of significance, but their leaders are very articulate like one fat pig called Somnath Chatterjee or that fraud Jyoti Basu [the person who has a record of holding the Chief MInister's Office for 26 years!]:flamemad

Jyoti Basu though a Communist is a barrister trained in England and from a well to do family. When he inherited his father's palatial house, he was asked how come? He said it was not his house as his father disinherited him and gave the house to his wife. It was his wife who allowed him to stay!:brick

There was a Salvation Army billboard which read - And God gave us Light. Below it some one had scribbled - And Jyoti [means Light in the vernacular] gave us Darkness. This was a pun since the state he was leading was perpetually without power [electricity]!:dbanana