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30 Jun 11,, 09:28
5.Pz.Div."Wiking", Poland 1944.


01 Jul 11,, 00:01

01 Jul 11,, 00:04
Pics don't work... :frown:

01 Jul 11,, 07:42
ohh, sorry Gunnut!

I`ve fixed that now.

dave lukins
01 Jul 11,, 13:11
Lovely job as usual Nord

01 Jul 11,, 13:31
Nord, your models are museum-quality. Another beauty! Thanks for sharing.

01 Jul 11,, 14:08
Immaculate as always Nord. Appreciate you posting these here.

01 Jul 11,, 18:52
These models are great! I'm playing World of Tanks now and it's nice to see what the in-game vehicles looked like historically.:)

02 Jul 11,, 13:26
Thanks alot guys, and I am also playing WOT btw... :)

02 Jul 11,, 14:05
Awesome stuff man. Keep 'em coming!

02 Jul 11,, 14:51
Wonderful! I love the way you handle rust.

02 Jul 11,, 16:18
Thank you for that Wisconsin!

07 Jul 11,, 22:08
Thanks alot guys, and I am also playing WOT btw... :)

Awesome! I guess you're on the European server and playing German line?

I have mostly German medium tanks. I just made enough to unlock and buy Panther. Not sure if I want to do that right now.

07 Jul 11,, 22:17
I have the JagdPanther, and still trying to unlock the Panther.... I want it! hehe

07 Jul 11,, 23:21
I have the JagdPanther, and still trying to unlock the Panther.... I want it! hehe

I've heard bad things about the Panther in the game. Too fragile for a battle tank.

My favorite 2 tanks are VK3002(DB) and Panzer IV. The DB is agile with an ok gun, but superb angled armor. The Panzer IV is a credit machine. When I need to buy a new tank or a new module, I just play the Panzer IV for a few games and get enough for just about anything.

Last night, my Panzer IV didn't even do much (1 knocked out, 3 damaged, we won) and I got 28k credits in a single game.

07 Jul 11,, 23:23
Woaaa! 28000???

08 Jul 11,, 18:43
Woaaa! 28000???

Oh yeah, I've done that several times, netting near 30k credits in a single game with the Panzer IV.

I've found the sweet spot for farming credits is around tier 5. The repair cost is still low, the credits start to increase substantially when facing off against higher tiered vehicles, and favorable match-making for certain tanks like the Panzer IV. My Panzer III/IV does less damage and seem to get placed in higher tiered matches more often. Same with my StuG III.

I think the KV also is a good credit farmer. I haven't played it yet even though I have it unlocked.

I do have premium account. I think that increases the XP and credit generation by 50%.

22 Jan 12,, 23:46

I cannot edit my posts, so I send the pics again.