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05 Jun 11,, 15:00
Fake or not?


The Craziest Low Pass Flyby Iíve Ever Seen (http://gizmodo.com/5808599/the-craziest-low-pass-flyby-ive-ever-seen)

A Spanish pilot friend of mine sends me this stunning video of a low pass flyby in Argentina. I just can't believe the mad man who was flying this jet got it so close to the ground.

The airplane is an FMA IA 63, an Argentinian trainer jet that can also fight in combat. I don't know what speed he is pushing, but this 31-foot wingspan bird can reach 442 knots (509mph, 819km/h) at almost 23,000 feet. One thing is for sure: By the looks of it, it can't be flying much higher than one meter from the ground at the lowest point.

Eat your heart out, Maverick.

05 Jun 11,, 18:14
Wow :eek:

dave lukins
05 Jun 11,, 18:30
They're going to have to adjust RADAR for that guy. Great flying or a total nutjob:)

05 Jun 11,, 19:34
It looks like it wasn't his time yet, but with flying like that - I am afraid that time is coming soon.

05 Jun 11,, 20:05
Have always had a little doubt over whether this is real or not.




05 Jun 11,, 21:14
One of the easy ways to tell the fakes is these shots are done in either 30 or 25 frames per second. At the supposed speed these shots, especially the air trainer would be a blurred smear in the frames. Instead itś as clean as a whistle.