View Full Version : A date with the Visiting Forces Agreement combatant

01 Jun 11,, 16:18
I was just wondering what is behind the Visiting forces Agreement between the Philippines and America. I am not asking the capacity of the Filipino soldiers but why they need the assistance of American soldiers. What is behind all these things that American has to trained and aid the Filipino with the Fight against insurgence in Mindanao area. I am not against the Visiting Forces Agreement , I am for it, But I would just like to know why the Americans has to train Filipino soldiers in the Philippines, when we are much familiar to our surroundings? And what is behind these agreement. It was not very much explained by the government to the Filipino people.

01 Jun 11,, 23:52
The Philippines has choices in training its army, navy and air force. You can do it yourself or you can hire some or all of the training out. If you elect to do all your own training, then the costs are high and the results consume much man power with less capability in the end. By hiring us to do some of your training you get access to the very best in military training. It also frees up your troops for war fighting.