View Full Version : Modern Warfare trailer is out!

24 May 11,, 12:15
MODERN WARFARE 3. It's based on many countries probably.
What do you think? It'll turn out good?
Looks promising....:)

27 May 11,, 17:09
Looks nice, but again verging on photo realism is the norm now so it take a lot to truelly impress me graphically. Teh first Modern Warfare was truelly awesome from a single player point of view. MW2 not so much, WAY too short, I finished in in just under 7 Hours of playtime on the second toughest setting. Thats way too short for sheling out $49 doillars i believe is what I paid. Now yeah a huge appeal; of teh MW series is the online aspect, but the games still need to stand on thier own as a single player.



27 May 11,, 19:39
Meh. Waiting for BF3 myself.