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08 May 11,, 07:40
This probably won't mean much to most here, but to generations of British, Australian & other audiences 'whispering' Ted Lowe was the voice of snooker. He was an integral part of 'Pot Black' a TV show that took snooker from relative obscurity to ratings smash & made household names of people like Eddie Charlton (whose haircut was stuck in 1955), young redheaded Steve Davis & Dennis Taylor, with those unforgettable glasses made especially for snooker. I recall as a kid watching 'Pot Black' with my dad & grandad. From the moment you heard Scott Joplin's 'the entertainer' come on (theme music) a hush descended over the room.

Ted Lowe was the professional's professional. Too many modern day commentators seem to think that the broadcast is about them. 'Whispering Ted' knew that it was the sport that mattered. Indeed, his nickname derived from the need to keep noise to a minimum during a snooker game. Despite this, he managed to inject excitement into a sport that some would say is not inherently exciting. Even more remarkable, 'Pot Black' topped the ratings at a time when perhaps the majority of the audience had black & white TVs. It is a lasting tribute to the skil of the man that he could make a sport so reliant on colour come alive on a monochromatic medium.

Along with Cricket's John Arlott he was one of the masters of sports commentary & quintessentially English. We will not see their like again.

You don't need to watch all of this clip, but just a bit will convey the skill of the man.


08 May 11,, 09:45
Always comes in 3s , Ted Lowe , Henry Cooper , and dun roamin ladin

08 May 11,, 10:42
Always comes in 3s , Ted Lowe , Henry Cooper , and dun roamin ladin

Sory Tankie, I forgot to post something about 'Enry. One of the most beloved sportsmen of his generation. 'Enry's 'Ammer was one of the most feared punches in boxing. If the rest of his game didn't quite match up then he made up for it with his personality. Oh, watch this clip through & you'll catch sight of a young 'Aussie Joe' Bugner, back when he was 'Hungarian Joe', or perhaos 'English Joe'. ;)

As for Osama, couldn't punch for sh!t.


08 May 11,, 10:45
Yup he certainly beat cassius , the ripped glove gag saved him ,as for Bugner , nuff said huh :biggrin:

08 May 11,, 13:36
I started a thread elsewhere on the recent death of 'whispering' Ted Lowe, but we have lost a number of sporting greats this week, so this might be a more appropriate thread (might get mods to do a mergy thing).

Seve Ballesteros was one of the finest golfers of his or any other generation. From a 2nd place at the 1976 British Open as a 19 year old Balleteros went on to win five majors & five Ryder Cups. Always a stylish golfer, Ballesteros was best remembered for his artistry with recovery shots. there seemed to be no position from which he could not recover (including under several inches of water!). Gone WAY too soon.


08 May 11,, 13:58
Lionel Rose was a true trailblazer. At a time when Aboriginies were not treated as full citizens (or often human beings) & where some still needed 'passes' to leave the missions where they lived, Lionel Rose became a world Champion. A classy boxer, he went on to become a less classy but still successful singer. His later life was not as marked by success and a stroke several years ago was a devastaing setback. Through all this Rose remains one of th great figures in Australian sport.

Apologies for the quality of the vid, I'll try to dig up something better in the next few days.