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08 May 11,, 06:08
Just been to see the latest DC comic adaption. Kept me amused, found it a little disjointed as it was jumping between earth and the goings on back on Thors home realm. The 3D was very underwhelming. Natalie Portman looked fine as always ;). Chris Hemsworth seriously looked the part as Thor, I need his personal trainer ha ha. Definitely not a must see, unless your are into the whole comic book scene and eagerly awaiting the whole AVENGER get together movie.



11 May 11,, 00:08
How dare you! Thor is MARVEL Comics, not the 2-bit DC crap. :mad:

I saw the movie on Saturday. There was a display at the theater, of the Acura used by the SHIELD agent in the movie. Probably not the actual car, but one of same model. I took some pictures. They didn't turn out well due to the crappy lighting and a phone camera.

I was entertained. I loved the fact that the team didn't try to do too much with the story. It's just to introduce the character. I love Norse mythology. It was cool to see Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin One-eye. Sif was supposed to be the goddess of agriculture. She was hot regardless. Loki should have been more sinister and devious.

The best part of the movie was the preview of Captain America. It will be based on the original story of Nazi and the Red Skull!:Dancing-Banana:

14 May 11,, 04:18
How dare you! Thor is MARVEL Comics, not the 2-bit DC crap. :mad:

If it wasn't for the fact that you own so many guns, I would find you and beat you to a pulp.

MARVEL sucks, pure and simple! :mad:

Stan Leee, the idiot without an ounce of creativity in his entire body, piggy-backs off the likes of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko and now when most idiots younguns proclaim him the founder of Marvel Comics, he just has that shit-eating grin on his face and doesn't even have the courage to correct their mistakes.

I'll forgive you for this transgression, gunnut...but only if you make fun of Benny or tankie.

14 May 11,, 04:29
Wow, I never knew there was such a DC vs Marvel Divide between true comic book fans. Growing up in the UK I was only ever into the 2000AD comic.


Big K
15 May 11,, 11:14
i am waiting for Conan...