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Kevin Brown
04 May 11,, 04:15
Even though I haven't been on recently. I was wondering if the International Defense and Terrorism section could be expanded upon, like it was previously. Where it was kind of divided along the line of Terrorism, International Crime, & COIN, Missile Defense, etc. As we already have such sections for the regional part of the forum(obviously) and the Military History section.

So I would like to see the International Defense & Security section expanded upon,. As I feel in comparison to everything else it is kind of clumped together.

I'm wondering if anyone else feels this way about this section of the forum?

Tarek Morgen
12 May 11,, 03:52
mh I missed this post somehow, sorry.

Regarding your request, several of those Forums were deleted/merged/renamed because there was either little to no activity and/or because they were rather redundant.

For example if we re-introduce a Missle & Space-tech forum..where would you post a thread about new missiles from Iran or North Korea? In their local forum or in the Tech-Forum?

If there are specific suggestions for new Forums, that do not cross over with already existing forums (or could be clearly separated from the existing ones) we will certainly consider them.