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29 Apr 11,, 19:25

Some details:

Battle off the coast of Abkhazia, 2008 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_off_the_coast_of_Abkhazia)

29 Apr 11,, 19:51
1.Real hot in there.
2.One could read the rank by looking at the belly
3.everything starts working after you slam a couple of fists in it.

29 Apr 11,, 20:42
. :: : Vymorkov :: :: RuTube - (http://rutube.ru/tracks/972547.html?v=ca8d788c3818ad74d1aee475b793f3f9)

In Russian but very interesting animation of the battle - owch

29 Apr 11,, 21:25
"...One could read the rank by looking at the belly..."

I was thinking the same thing. Guy in glasses was the man. His chief underling was the guy pounding on the console.

Did I see rope lying in the passageways? Guard rails on deck were an invitation for man overboard drills.

Not sure what to think of the SAM missile system. Functioning? Well...sorta, I suppose. Dockside citizens beware.