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26 May 05,, 20:52
hello everyone

today i found a old BB M1 carbine! and it looks really cool!!

26 May 05,, 21:29
That thing shoots .177 or .22 caliber pellets?!?
How fast does it shoot, what's its power source, and HOW THE HECK DID YOU FIND THAT THING?!?!?
You're some very lucky person to get a hold of one of those; I've never even seen one before that shoots pellets.

26 May 05,, 22:07
i have not shot it yet the cocker is jammed up i did clean it up and it shots the normal bb round its one heck of a nice rifle it is heavy. real metal and i think the wood is real i am not really sure

26 May 05,, 23:20
Well, find-out what the velocity is (if you don't know, just shoot a lot of things, and tell me the penetration of each object), and its power source (does it use those CO2 cartidges?).

I really want one of those...

27 May 05,, 00:46
i would maybe shot it though the thing is Jammed up and its a spring fired! thats whats jammed when i found it was like that so i am trying to fix it ... lol

27 May 05,, 01:12
good news!! i found who created this BB riifle its by Crossman

was hard to find that little marking half and hour ago it was covered by rust ... lol

27 May 05,, 01:17
some more pictures

27 May 05,, 03:31
Now you only need it to work!!! :):):)
Now what's that right by the gun up on that shelf; almost looks like some other gun, but I'm not sure... Please clarify.

And I feel sory for you that you have to put-up with an HP!!!!!!!!
I love my Mac...

27 May 05,, 06:58
Yep Its My Wather Hand C02 Pistol

27 May 05,, 18:11
Ooo, even got the upgrade kit.

How much do those run these days???
I've always wanted a good target pistol, but don't want to spend $1000.

27 May 05,, 18:48
My older brother owns the fabled Red Ryder BB Gun, still works after all the years he's owned it. In fact he recently talked about constantly sniping the car of some bling-bling thug that speeds through the alley out back his house w/the bass all the way up, same time every night.

...And if he hadn't left it locked in the case with his actual shotguns, while housesitting for him a few months back, I may have fired it in anger in the general direction of some hood rats that were first trespassing in his car port, then started talking **** at me after I heard them yelling and looked out the back door to see if they were trespassing.

27 May 05,, 19:36
my pistol is

The NEW Walther Night Hawk Don’t be afraid of the dark.
Train like the pros anytime with the NEW Walther Night Hawk. The Night Hawk features a CO2 repeater system, a special high-powered mount that offers individual ways of mounting scopes and a newly developed compensator that “sets new standards” in CO2 weapons technology. The compensator means better accuracy. Features .177 caliber , eight-shot magazine capacity, red dot sight, flashlight, hard carrying case and shoots at 360 fps. IN STOCK!
WNHB Walther Nighthawk $159.95

27 May 05,, 21:49
Ah, very nice pricing, too. Maybe I should get that instead of a .17HMR revolver. I dunno. I'll decide next time I stop at Bass Pro shop and look at their pistols.
Any suggestions on an accurate, cheap pistol in small caliber? (like .22 LR, WMR, .17HMR, or .22 Hornet)

And nice story, Lunatock. I used to have a Red Rider, but the barrel got really inaccurate (used el-cheapo Copperhead bbs), and I wanted something I could kill something with. So now I have my trusty Gamo Delta.

27 May 05,, 23:23
good news i got the thing fixed now i am goto get some stuff to remove the rust ... befor i try to fire it!!!


28 May 05,, 23:43
Well I sure hope it works, cause the is one heck of a bb gun you've got there. Well, really two.
Does your pistol happen to be a blowback?

29 May 05,, 18:10
good news it works again\!!! it shots

29 Jun 07,, 18:27
that old M1 BB gun is heavy really heavy does not shoot very good kind of Fun to just shoot at paper Targets with