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H Nelson
11 Apr 11,, 00:24
Russia, the world's greatest emerging Third-world country, has demanded “Red Button Rights” on a European missile shield. Sergey Ivanov (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/), Russia's deputy prime minister, made the statement during his visit to the US this week. I wonder if Clinton laughed at Ivanov when he said that.

The National Space Studies Center’s blog (https://nationalspacestudiescenter.wordpress.com/about/)said it best:

“Negotiations commonly entail the participative parties establishing non-ridiculous positions and tend to be marked by give and take. Given that Russia has little to nothing to negotiate with (other than bluster or a U.S. desire for ongoing “reset”), staking out an absurd position perhaps reveals their powerlessness.”

It even turns out that Atomstroyexport (http://www.atomstroyexport.ru/about/eng/2) has begun fueling the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hxR_Gn_Q6nFuufObfQ-G_Lh8AsTA?docId=CNG.df8b4b9dbec22272702ca1de922791 74.841).

US money, US technology, US political capital, and US/NATO security are at stake, and Russia wants control of the missile shield meant to protect US intrests from the country that Russia is giving nuclear fuel to?

Is the world in such a place where Russia should be given 'Red Button Rights'?

11 Apr 11,, 01:58

"Is the world in such a place where Russia should be given 'Red Button Rights'?"

"...When you ain' t got nuthin', you've got nothin' to lose..."

Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone

12 Apr 11,, 08:35
I guess the every day phrasing would be: it doesn't hurt to ask...:biggrin: