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Tarek Morgen
25 Mar 11,, 12:18
At long last, WAB has once more a place to discuss the matter of Central and South Asia. Sadly due technical problems that are out of our hands the old posting for those regions are mostly lost and not recoverable. We are sorry and apologize for this, but hope we can start over and make up for it.

Though due the experiences in the past we all know that the debates over this region are often heated and can become ugly quickly. In order to prevent this and to ensure a high level of discussion we have thus decided to use a moderate queue for this Forum. This means that every new topic that gets posted has to approved by a moderator before it gets displayed publicly. While this means it might take some time before new topics can actually be read by everyone, it guarantees that actual discussions will take place instead of flame wars. We don't plan to keep this feature forever and hope that we can do without it once this place has settled in and established itself.

26 Mar 11,, 18:09
Let the flame oops fun begin!!!

27 Mar 11,, 06:05
Great to see the south asia forum back.

Hope the flame wars aren't as bad this go around.

27 Mar 11,, 07:30
"Hope the flame wars aren't as bad this go around."

Ahhh, the best laid plans of mice and men have a disconcerting habit of going awry from time to time. We'll all do our humble best I'm sure. Key may be assiduously adhering to the thread topic. Too often one thing leads to another and we find ourselves de-railed back at the usual points of contention.

Those don't need listing as they're all-too-familiar. Let's look forward to better days.:)

27 Mar 11,, 09:36
Yep, fingers and toes crossed. :)
One of the reasons I used to prefer reading WABs south asian forum forum compared to say DFI was because you mods over here are top notch.
A huge amount of the dreck one has to wade through over there gets killed off.

27 Mar 11,, 11:19
Welcome indeed. Keep the mop and the stick together.;)

05 Apr 11,, 07:27
I believe it is also an opportunity for us to have mature discussion on various military, naval and aviation capabilities without 'MY GUN IN BIGGER' and '1 of a kind can take 10 of those kinds' statements.

Let's have some great constructive discussion and make this forum a true inspiration to other forums around the globe.