View Full Version : Here be spoilers...

Tarek Morgen
19 Mar 11,, 05:22
...but don't worry, we just added a spoiler feature:


You can find the button to hide your spoilers on the far right of your advanced reply menu, between the youtube button and the smilies.

19 Mar 11,, 18:18
Don't look at movie review threads in Google Reader, the spoilers show there.

07 Apr 11,, 15:29
Very nice! On another forum, we came up with a crude way to also do spoilers without any forum software mods.

Most users have a plain white background. Simply enter your text (placing it in a quote helps locate it) and color it white. Then, the text can be revealed by "selecting" the text as if you wanted to copy it.

Try it:

Darth Vader was Luke's father!


But having it hard-coded is better and easier.

12 Oct 11,, 15:04
Julius Ceasar's "Commentaries on the Gallic War?"

Spoiler -> Rome won