View Full Version : Forum restructure

Tarek Morgen
16 Mar 11,, 13:20
A first round of changes to our forum structure have just taken place. The biggest new development is the creation (or modification) of several new subforums for the pub:

Reading Corner:
For all Booktalk that does not belong into a specific forum (for example a book about battleships would still end up in the Battleship Forum, but your latest alternate timeline book would belong here.

Movie & TV Room:
As requested a place to talk and review movies and tv-shows alike

Multimedia & Jukebox Room:
A place for all other kinds of Media, be it music, youtube videos, pictures.

Modeler's Corner:
The Classic is here to stay

Sport's Bar:
Same as above. You are even allowed to chat about those weird things those Colonials consider Sport..like Baseball.

All of this is a work in Progress, threads have to be moved and some glitches might show up. Also this structure is still subject to change. Forums that won't get used might get deleted/merged, others added if needed. Also we still accept new & better names for them here (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/world-affairs-board-pub/59074-suggestion-box.html)if you find any.