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27 Feb 11,, 03:46
I didn't know where to post this, so i posted it here under complaints.

Requesting a name change (if possible), due to the fact that "kommie" not only does not represent my views. I don't want to lose the posts that have been made under my name by registering a new account (and possibly being banned for multiple accounts from one IP address).

But upon recognition of the word commie and it's negative connotations amongst this right-wing leaning community, most of my arguments tend to be overlooked or ignored due to the fact that I (used to) believe in an inefficient economic system.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, the cover here is simply causing the reader to overlook the matter in the book, that book being the reason for my existence on this forum.

Could a Mod PM me perhaps, as I do not know who to contact.

Cheers, Lone(kommie).

Tarek Morgen
27 Feb 11,, 03:54
while possible, if you ask for new username..you should tell us said username. Or do you wish to be simply known as Lone from now on?

27 Feb 11,, 04:09
Ah, that slipped my mind.

"Wayfarer" (No quotations)