View Full Version : British and German Air Force evacuate 300 civilians from Libya.

Tarek Morgen
27 Feb 11,, 03:03
In two parallel operations the RAF and the Luftwaffe air lifted around 150 civilians from south-eastern Libya. The Luftwaffe did send two Tansalls and Paratroopers to evacuate the group, which consisted to 1/3 of Germans and the rest other of European nationals. The Machines are now on standby in Crete to possible assist with further flights.
The RAF used two Hercules to evacuate a slightly bigger group of civilians from Libya to Malta from where they to continue to the UK within the next two days.

Media reports are speculating that the West is still wary about enforcing harsh actions against Gaddafi as long as there are still are large number of their nationals within the country which could be used as hostages.