View Full Version : WAB Down

07 Feb 11,, 11:07
Did anybody else not have WAB for six hours or so?

Double Edge
07 Feb 11,, 13:44
Let's say it was unexpected, hope things are ok.

07 Feb 11,, 17:44
I had just posted something that needed correcting, and I couldn't get in to fix it - it was frustrating, hope nobody noticed (had a date wrong in the naval section)

07 Feb 11,, 22:17
This was due to a DoS attack which was filtered out. Unfortunately WAB is very prone to attacks.

08 Feb 11,, 00:36
Did anybody else not have WAB for six hours or so?

Do you need resuscitated? A doctor perhaps?:biggrin:

08 Feb 11,, 15:24
hey eric,

long time no see. you've been posting less, busy lately? :)

08 Feb 11,, 15:47
Btwn the snowstorms and keeping up with three hotels and trying to make some money clearing snow AND doing HVAC repair and installs on the side, yep...I've been busy.;)

08 Feb 11,, 16:28
don't envy ya buddy! i've always been meaning to ask, how did an ol' sniper like you get into the hotel business?