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27 Jan 11,, 03:11
Fellow Members,

As you may have noticed, Goat has recently been brought on as Defense Administrator. He has replaced Shek, who is now serving as Reserve Administrator.

Goat is an ex-Navy Seal, a professional who has been involved in global security for over 25 years. He was a Soviet specialist, with mastery of Russian and Turkish.

He currently works in the Washington, D.C. area as a defense contractor. He is a proponent of "smart power", a balanced approach of hard and soft power to resolve international conflict.

He is also publisher of the blog "Powerful Peace" (www.powerfulpeace.net (http://powerfulpeace.net/)), and is currently in the process of publishing his first book.

Please take the time to welcome Goat to the staff as Defense Administrator. His approach and skills make him a highly unique asset to the forum, and his expertise will no doubt bring a highly additional degree of expertise and professionalism to the forum.

Regards, Ironduke

27 Jan 11,, 07:09
Can you be overqualified to moderate around here. ;)

27 Jan 11,, 07:51
Can you be overqualified to moderate around here. ;)
If he's overqualified, then WAB has some catching up to do. ;) It better get its act together. :)

31 Jan 11,, 09:20
Welcome aboard, Goat. I see we are practically neighbors. Enjoy the WAB.

31 Jan 11,, 09:51
Wow, do I ever feel underqualified.:biggrin: Welcome aboard Goat. :)