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Tarek Morgen
17 Jan 11,, 20:05
Sending and receiving Private Messages (PMs)

The forum offers you the feature to send Private Messages to fellow members. These can only be read by the Person you send them to, and are stored in your own pm folder.

There are several ways to send pms. You can simply click on the name of a Person next to their post and select “Private Message” from the menu:


Or by going to the person's Profile and select “Send Private Message” there


Another way is to click on the Private Messages on top of the Forum like seen here:


..and then go to “Send new Message”


Tarek Morgen
17 Jan 11,, 20:09
After you have done this you come to the Screen were you can actually write your message, just like it would be a normal Post on the Forum. If you used on of the first two options described above, the name of the Person that gets the PM is already filled in. Should you use the third option you have to fill it in yourself.


You can also send the same messages to several users at once. For this enter each name in the address line, separated by a semi-colon ;


After finishing writing the PM, simply send it by clicking on “Submit Message”


If you wish you can save a copy of the message you just wrote in you “Send Items” Folder by checking the little marked box on the left.

Tarek Morgen
17 Jan 11,, 20:10
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