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16 Jan 11,, 23:44
Brest Fortress.



Andrey Egorov
27 Jan 11,, 13:24
Do USSR made ones count?

27 Jan 11,, 17:20
of course, please post. I love those.

Andrey Egorov
27 Jan 11,, 18:43
Chronicle of dive bomber

Torpedo bombers

27 Jan 11,, 18:52
wow, thanks. My admin assistant is from Russia, I will ask her for a list as well.

27 Jan 11,, 19:11
wow, thanks. My admin assistant is from Russia, I will ask her for a list as well.

one of my favorite



31 Jan 11,, 15:02



31 Jan 11,, 16:12
Purgatory, Afghan Breakdown... any other good ones along those lines? (9 Rota was too Hollywoodish).

01 Feb 11,, 06:28
(9 Rota was too Hollywoodish).

Agreed. I was disappointed with the ending.

"They fought for their motherland/country" (directed by sergei bondarchuk) is a good one, also osvobozhdenie (liberation, which deals with Kursk). Very hard to find online or physical copies of the two in the West

01 Feb 11,, 09:04
Outstanding thread. I'm very appreciative of all the posts. Excellent perspectives.

01 Feb 11,, 11:37
"Пленный" ("Captive")


"Живой" ("Alive")


"Штрафбат" ("Penal battalion")


01 Feb 11,, 21:47
Danke für dein Hochladen :)

01 Feb 11,, 21:53
Brest Fortress.


funny, looks like die Deutsche Wehrmacht launchs human wave attack :)

01 Feb 11,, 23:17
"funny, looks like die Deutsche Wehrmacht launchs human wave attack:)"

Depends what you mean by "human wave". Germans knew a little something about getting up off their azzes and attacking a position.

02 Feb 11,, 06:14
How about 'Come and See'. Not a battle film so much as an account of the confusion & brutality of the Eastern Front:


02 Feb 11,, 07:32
any idea what movie this shot comes from? She looks a bit like Amy Adams, one of the most over-rated actress around

04 Feb 11,, 20:14

05 Feb 11,, 00:09
Heres one I enjoyed about the Soviets in Afghanistan..


21 Feb 11,, 16:00
attack on leningrad maybe? It had a lot of strong female roles.
I enjoyed the movie and agreed with the reviews I read that the parts with english dialogue were weak.

21 Feb 11,, 21:22
Padenie Berlina / The fall of Berlin (1949)

the finale
YouTube - (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f67vXMHE-yo)

Long Notorious, Rarely seen: Soviet cinema's definitive Stalinist recreation of World War 2 also serves as the crowning moment in Stalin's postwar deification. Stalin himself worked on the screenplay for this blockbuster epic, fine-tuning its portrayal of the dictator as father-hero to his people. No expense was spared in production: 5 artillery and infantry divisions, 4 tank battalions, 193 planes, and 45 German trophy Panzers, as well as 1.5 million liters of fuel, were used in staging its panoramic battle scenes. The film's remarkable recreations of the battle for Berlin, climaxing in the bitter struggle over the Reichstag, impressed even the film's Western critics with their gritty realism and sheer spectacle. Equally memorable is the film's depiction of Hitler and his inner circle, whose folly and intrigues play out on sets that recreate the grandiosity of the Fueher's Chancellory and the claustrophobia of his bunker with surrealistic intensity.

Reflecting the emerging antagonisms of the Cold War, the film also serves up a caustic polemic against Stalin's British and American wartime allies, depicting FDR and (especially) Churchill as closeted Nazi sympathizers, capable of any treachery against the Soviet state. Wildly ambitious in its geopolitical sweep, The Fall of Berlin also manages to throw in a romantic subplot involving a leaden Stakhanovite, while settling any number of domestic political scores - General Georgy Zhukov, for example, appears as a gullible fool, saved from his errors only by Stalin's timely intervention.

Indeed, Stalin's timely interventions provide this film its organizing principle, and it is he who pulls together all the threads of its wildly spinning narrative. Whether directing the Red Army to brilliant victory or anticipating Churchill's treachery or providing sage advice to lovelorn Stakhanovites, he remains unflappable, avuncular, uncannily prescient and wise. Stalin is always with us, one character proclaims to his comrades on the battlefront; the propagandistic function of this film is to make us feel this god-like presence in every scene. Presented to Stalin as a gift on his seventieth birthday, viewed by some 38 million Soviet filmgoers upon its initial release, winner of every conceivable Soviet prize, The Fall of Berlin was abruptly pulled from circulation during the "de-Stalinization" campaigns that began after Stalin's death in 1953.

Fall of Berlin: The Restored Soviet WW 2 Epic (DVD) (http://www.ihffilm.com/22855.html)

30 May 11,, 22:59
A war movie only the Russians can make -- it makes saving private Ryan a Sunday school.

Chechnya Battle in Grozny

YouTube - ‪Chechnya Battle in Grozny 4/6 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fMMKwb_2Wg&feature=related)


31 May 11,, 05:06
of course with the obligatory White Tights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Stockings) . ...

31 May 11,, 15:41
LOL, they really have a thing for snipers

20 Jun 11,, 00:21
YouTube - ‪ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs2v-TWuuqo&feature=related)

Ролик к х/ф "Днепровский рубеж"

03 Oct 11,, 00:59

"We are from the Future" - [english subtitled] ww2 Sci-Fi - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wwc5BtxWt8&feature=related)

We are from the Future" - [english subtitled] ww2 Sci-Fi

03 Oct 11,, 01:14

It seems to be that stories of war, whether they are films, history books or otherwise, focus on one of two perspectives: the Anglo-American, or the German. It’s either English speaking diggers and GIs, or it’s blonde-haired, blue-eyed Nazi’s sauntering around and Heil-ing Hitler. It’s not often that Russian participation is considered, nor is the impact that World War II may still be having on the current generation of young Russians.

But We’re From The Future (My iz budushchego) does just that, looking at the realities of the Russian front line with quite literally a contemporary set of eyes. Four young men, living in modern-day St Petersburg, make their money by digging up and selling old war relics. They have no respect for the past, the sacrifice of their forefathers or the final resting places of the dead, and one even associates himself with a new breed of skinhead Russian Nazis.

The four have no qualms about what they are doing, which seems to be a common practice, until they stumble upon a set of old documents a battle site. Their own documents. Four Russian soldiers with their names and faces. Thinking they are hallucinating on cheap vodka, the group race down to the lake to swim off their trance, but find themselves surfacing in the lake over forty years earlier – Russia, 1942.

The men are thrust into battle and regiment life, and have a difficult time adapting to the harsh conditions – and, of course, explaining their situation. The few light-hearted moments of the film emanate from this dilemma, including an interesting beat-boxing scene which both stuns and impresses the old-fashioned Russian troops. Of course, there is a pretty, headstrong nurse involved and it is the romantic storyline that provides moments of respite from the hails of gunfire for both central character Borman, and the ladies in the audience.

But girls, don’t stress – We’re From The Future is a very easily watchable war film. There is little blood or gore, and no gratuitous violence – it is straight up rolling tanks, exploding grenades and falling men. I’m the sort of person who struggles to watch veterinary shows on TV without covering my eyes, but there were no flinching moments or ‘ugh, I didn’t need to see that’ thoughts during this film. In fact, if anything it gave me a much deeper appreciation of what war is like and what ‘our boys’ (because, at the end of the day, Russia was our ally) had to face at the front line in 1940s wartime. It is also interesting to consider the ideology that filmmakers in contemporary Russia present about their tumultuous past – it seems that the days of Stalin are almost considered as the glory days, and something that all Russians should hold close to their hearts.

Time travel films have been done before, and there is a fine line between cheese and believability. But We’re From The Future manages to remain on the side of realism, despite the fact that a successful quest for the retrieval of a certain object becomes necessary for their return. It’s inevitable that they succeed, but their path there isn’t without danger, suspense and heartbreak. Like many leaving the cinema, the four return with a newfound appreciation for the men and women who served their countries, and a newfound sense of patriotism for mother Russia.


The official synopsis is a little misleading, but the intense battle focus is enlightening, to say the least. It is an interesting insight into both the mindset of Russians today, and the perils and realities of frontline war – without being too in-your-face bloody or violent.

We Are from the Future [My iz budushchego] (Review) | Movie Reviews | Cut Print Review (http://cutprintreview.com/reviews/4-stars/we-are-from-the-future-my-iz-budushchego-review/)

22 Nov 11,, 05:06
Here is another good one.

Grozovye vorota

Grozovye vorota (TV 2006) - IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0902981/)

User Reviews

STORMGATES ,Made in the fashion of "9 YA ROTA" (The Ninth Company
26 May 2007 | by Ernst Wiltmann (Parry Sound/ Ontario) – See all my reviews

The English title is : STORMGATES It's a very suspenseful and dramatic miniseries, the action, acting and special effects can be compared with THE NINTH COMPANY (9 ya rota). Sharp edged characters from different walks of life try to survive in this godforsaken region of Chechnia. At the time of the hottest contest in this still ongoing campaign. The company of senior lieutenant Doronin is being dropped on a small squezzed mountainpass, controlling the only road for dozens of miles. All in all, the task seems to be simple: Defend this pass from the insurgents and deny them use. They believe in the "infinite" firepower of the Russian army and the intelligence of their superiors. Not knowing what "politics" are cooking up. Most of the days are being spend with daydreams about their loved ones. Some frustration with the slow and sometimes not forthcomming mail service is rampant. Nobody expects to die and has any idea of whats in stock for them. However, the group of insurgents amounting about 10 times the size of the company is approaching fast and unexpected. False reports and complacency will take their toll...... Four very actionpacked hours will pass by quickly.

22 Nov 11,, 11:27
I wonder if anyone has seen "The cranes are flying"...its a Russian war time love story. It is a 1957 black & white print. No blood and gore here, but a tear jerker, like Eric Segal's "Love Story".

30 Dec 11,, 05:43
wasted two hours of my time on this. not very good

The Sovereign's Servant (2007) - IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0476695/)

The Sovereign's Servant

20 May 12,, 07:58
Watching this one from Youtube.

Kandagar 2010{srpski prevod}{click cc for English subtitles}

Kandagar 2010{srpski prevod}{click cc for English subtitles} - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3B51go_6gM)

Kandagar: a Russian film detailing the escape of a Russian crew from Afghanistan Taliban fighters on August 16, 1996. The film stars some of Russia’s most famous actors,

22 Jun 12,, 07:23
a new must see for me


22 Jun 12,, 08:24
a new must see for me

Battle: LA, Russian style?

22 Jun 12,, 22:45
I think those are cut scenes from the boy's imagination.

29 Jun 12,, 12:29
The White Tiger is also a Russian movie I am looking forward to. From the extremely brief trailer, I managed to glimpse T-34s, 34-85s, ISU and SU units and of course, a Tiger Porsche


07 Apr 13,, 01:01
The White Tiger is also a Russian movie I am looking forward to. From the extremely brief trailer, I managed to glimpse T-34s, 34-85s, ISU and SU units and of course, a Tiger Porsche


saw it last night and I love it. if you like heavy metal then this is the movie for you. There is also a Mark IV there as well.

19 Apr 13,, 07:35
I personally like war movies from Russia because it is something unique and it is really thrilling to watch the movie. So it would satisfy all age people from childhood to aged people. All should watch the movies.