View Full Version : Tarek Morgen: Civilian Administrator, Parihaka: Civilian Moderator

16 Jan 11,, 09:16
Fellow Members,

Tarek Morgen has been promoted to the position of Civilian Administrator. He has a very high aptitude, and is committed to learning the task of forum administration and community management.

Parihaka has retired from the position of Civilian Moderator. With new career responsibilities, he has a need to manage his time more efficiently, and thus has volunteered for the role of moderator to be able to accommodate his career advancement.

I thank Parihaka for his never-wavering loyalty to the World Affairs Board, his commitment to the management, and for performing as a steady hand at the tiller during a somewhat troubled time for the forum. He is committed to remaining a full member of the staff at this time, and given his responsibilities, the position of moderator is very appropriate.

Parihaka and myself, among other members of the staff, no doubt, will be mentoring Tarek Morgen in the tasks needed to become a skilled administrator and community organizer. I have no doubts that Tarek Morgen will succeed in this task, as he is a quick study and has a short learning curve, and given his dedication, will surely show himself worthy of the office.

Regards, Ironduke

Big K
16 Jan 11,, 09:45
Congratulations Tarek :)

16 Jan 11,, 12:35
Congratulations Tarek, well deserved and good luck.............. Pari a job well done, glad you will still be around and congrats on your new position at work.

16 Jan 11,, 13:10
Congrats Tarek !! :banana:

16 Jan 11,, 14:02
herzliche glückswunsche Tarek and good to hear that Pari will still be around - he´s been quite under the radar lately

16 Jan 11,, 15:54
Go, Tarek!

16 Jan 11,, 17:07
Congratulations Tarek

Tarek Morgen
19 Jan 11,, 10:08
Thanks for the congratulations.

Matt and the rest of the staff wanted someone who is responsible, experienced and capable. After those people all declined for various reasons and no one else was left they picked me.