View Full Version : WAB-Facebook integration - stay connected and refer friends!

11 Jan 11,, 06:05
Dear Members,

Recently, we have fully integrated the World Affairs Board with Facebook - the world's premier online social networking site. This offers us two opportunities:
provide the tools for WAB members to stay in touch with the site on Facebook
provides an exciting opportunity to reach out to an audience who may never had heard of the WAB before. We have always relied primarily on word-of-mouth to gain referrals for our site, and Facebook is an excellent resource for us to recruit quality contributors to our site.

There are a number of ways to connect to Facebook using WAB:

1) Logging into Facebook while on WAB (3-step process)

11 Jan 11,, 17:28
2) Liking a Thread on Facebook

11 Jan 11,, 19:31
3) How to publish a post or thread to Facebook

18 Feb 12,, 01:00
well, went to the WAB facebook page and thought might be a time for some new people to show up :)