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12 May 05,, 00:40
This is what happens when you take shipboard safety for granted. Tanks are always dangerous. Ive been in many and hated every second of it. I got derided and laughed at alot for the seemingly overcaustiousness I ALWAYS undertook. People die if you dont. I preferred not to die thisway.:

"Four persons, three men and a woman died in an accident in Ferrol, Spain today. 3 of them was from a cleaning company, and was cleaning a 2 meter deep tank on one of the new Norwegian frigates. The fourth person was a welder, trying to save the three others. The reason is probably a gas leak from a cooling system.

It is uncertain if the ship will be launched May 25. as planned. All work on the yard has been laid down, and the Mayor has declared a two day public mourning in the city.

Edit: A spokesman from Navantia (former IZAR) deny any gas leaks, and says the reason was lack of oxygen. "


12 May 05,, 01:08
Tanks are very dangerous places. We were always taught in First Aid/Rescue never to enter a tank if there was someone unconsious inside... cause you would be next.

Unnecessary tragedy.

12 May 05,, 02:25
I read a story relating to the cleaner Trychlrothylene used to clean a tank in the RN back inthe 70s, the guy was around it too long that his mylenin (the fatty cover around the spine) was eaten away by it and he went bonkers for a few hours and then died.

Hell you have to take alot of caution when you are working in closed areas with noxious fumes, even building models you can get messed up off the paints if you dont have an open window.