View Full Version : Zraver has accepted the responsibility of moderating you lot.

Officer of Engineers
02 Jan 11,, 20:19
Alas, today's alignment of the planets cannot last as Zraver is now a moderator of WAB. The timing is good as both Shek and I have taken a diminished role and a mod with some military background is required to understand just how truly annoying you lot are. Especially one Jarhead GS who is in love with SWSNBN.

It would be an extreme pleasure and a joy to watch as you lot make Zraver earn his stay here.

Z, Julie is waiting for you in the office. If she's wearing leather ... or you're hearing leather, she's your problem.

Tarek Morgen
02 Jan 11,, 20:28
Congratulations (or my deepest sympathies) Zraver

02 Jan 11,, 20:30
Good call. Z will be a great addition to the mod squad.

02 Jan 11,, 20:41
The recent promotion of zraver to the World Affairs Board Staff as Global Moderator - Military Professional Command, is a promotion that has been discussed off-and-on over the years. We have identified in him both the willingness and ability to get the job done, and a bucketload of potential.

Jason's primary responsibility as moderator will be over the Military Affairs & Equipment Discussion category in cooperation with the other Military Professional moderators and administrator, with a secondary responsibility over the International Defense & Geopolitics category, in cooperation with the staff of the Defense Professional Command.

Welcome to the team Z!


02 Jan 11,, 20:45
Congratulations Zraver

02 Jan 11,, 20:51
Thanks to all who have offered me this trust, I will do my best for the WAB.

02 Jan 11,, 21:29

by S-2 Good call.
Z will be a great addition to the mod squad.

I could'nt have been the only one thinking it...

02 Jan 11,, 22:07
Congrats, Z! Good to have another Tanker on board showing the rest of them how it's done.

02 Jan 11,, 22:36
welcome aboard ol boy!

Triple C
02 Jan 11,, 23:42
Congrats Z. I will be taking a drink for the fear and trembling.

03 Jan 11,, 04:49
well done Z.

03 Jan 11,, 04:56
Congrats Z....and uh...don't touch my leather....cuz you don't want me to be your problem....trust me.

03 Jan 11,, 04:58

Z will bring in some international flavour and news along with his new assignment since I have seen him globetrotting on other fora way away from his shores!

03 Jan 11,, 10:03
Congratulations Zraver. :cheers:

03 Jan 11,, 18:33
ah, finally an Armored Moderator! congrats :cheers:

Albany Rifles
03 Jan 11,, 19:28

Good stuff...you'll do great!

11 Jan 11,, 08:13

dave lukins
13 Jan 11,, 00:52
Many Congrats Z

13 Jan 11,, 03:58
Good job, z!

Finally, someone with a sense of reponsibility!

13 Jan 11,, 19:10
Good pick .

13 Jan 11,, 19:38
Congrats, good pick.

14 Jan 11,, 12:42
Congrats Z.

You Rock!

Big K
14 Jan 11,, 12:47
Congrats Zraver. :)

15 Jan 11,, 00:47
Thanks guys

15 Jan 11,, 01:08
Ha Ha Ha now you've got responsibility for our behavior, we can do what we like and zraver gets the blame, lets hold a food fight in OoE's office, lets spill beer on the server, oh pity the fool.

Ok more serious good luck and semi congrats on the recognition.