View Full Version : Some suggestions for WAB

Kevin Brown
01 Jan 11,, 04:54
Even though in the past I've posted rather on and off on here, I thought I would make a few suggestions in terms of the site.

.Could we add an Africa and Latin America sub forum around here(as these regions are important I don't think they should be left out.

.Could we make the site more organized

.Could we clean the spam messages off the FB Page

.Could we bring back the cool defense skin that was on the old site.

I should have suggested these a lot earlier but I just thought of them tonight.

Kevin Brown
01 Jan 11,, 22:41
Cn this be moved to info please?

01 Jan 11,, 23:21

I've already added an Africa section. There has always been a struggle between being too general and too niche, and having too many forums on the mainpage (length of forum) vs. having many subforums (buried content).

I think I have resolved that issue, by having forums that are multiply niche on closely related issues, while for all practical purposes having the same effect as a more general, generic title in which the issues are lost to the individual imagination.

We are currently in the process of reorganizing and redesigning the site. I plan to fully integrate the WAB with web 2.0 (social networking, mobile web, etc). The design of the old site will be brought back in a very modernized way.

I plan to introduce a North American | Latin American forum, as well as a South Asia | Central Asia forum, in addition to a European Union section that may or may not be joined with the NATO | The Russian Resurgence section.

These are projects that do take some time, however. It is much more time-consuming to do this work that it appears.

Thank you for your feedback.