View Full Version : What Happened to 'What Song Are You Listening To'????

29 Dec 10,, 08:43
Just curious mods - why is it locked?

One of the most enjoyable threads on WAB & a place where people park their politics & just interact. Also a great place to hear new music. Can we re-open it. I know we can just start again, but it was almost 300 pages - a tribute to the musical taste of posters past & present. Pity to see it go.

29 Dec 10,, 08:57
This is a SERIOUS WTF?:mad::confused::madder::hammer: Let's get this unscrewed ASAP, please? Or an explanation?

Tarek Morgen
29 Dec 10,, 10:39
It must have been Gremlins, no questions. (In contrast to a mod accidently checking the little box that says "Close this thread" when replying to it)

29 Dec 10,, 10:47
I suspected as much from Astralis. Too coincidental that he was the last to post there. This thread should stand as testimony to (as Shek has put it elsewhere) Astralis' mad vB skillz!