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07 Dec 10,, 19:50
OK, computer pros...got a question for you. Is it worth getting paid antivirus, or is the free version good enough? What software do you use?

Given my paranoid tendencies I have AVG Antivirus (Free) and PC Tools Antivirus Free. I'm thinking about upgrading the latter to the paid version but don't know if it will actually do anything.

07 Dec 10,, 20:25
I use AVG, it seems to work just fine for me.

07 Dec 10,, 20:54
I use Microsoft Security Essentials, minus the firewall (router has hardware firewall). It's completely free, from Microsft, so it integrates well with Windows 7.

07 Dec 10,, 22:58
I've used both, neither type works, some paid types screw up a PC like a virus does (Advantaquest: fix it utilities 10). Since current, updated, paid subscriptions to Panda, Norton, and McAffee have all left me with no option but to reformat and reinstall windows on a bare disk. I now have a strong aversion to paying for these. The free ones haven't screwed up a PC yet... knock on wood. Its usually a new virus that gets me, it comes out that morning and before a fix is available some downloader mimicking windows or adobe manages to load it up on my system (norally a friend or kids pc, since I am fussy about accepting downloads on my own system and run a locked down and odd version of MS windows (64 bit workstation/pro XP). I do find that Linux and Mac are more virus resistant, microballs must work with virus companies to produce nasty new viruses to boost sales of their products and new PC's. A lot of people just upgrade to a new system with a new copy of windows when they get wiped out.

08 Dec 10,, 00:37
I use McAfee, had to get rid of Norton. I wait till it goes on sale and buy the CD, I don't like buying it online. They always try update me three months before the software expires. That's so not bad but they would try to charge my credit card, I used to give one that expired before that date. Didn't stop them from trying.:mad:

dave lukins
08 Dec 10,, 00:45
I use Comodo (free) it has never let me down, has lots of applications and well worth a look at.

08 Dec 10,, 01:02
I use kaspersky combined with a free malwarebytes ,but i will try a diffo one when the license runs out . But it wont be norton .

08 Dec 10,, 02:14
I use AVG, like you, and never had a problem.

08 Dec 10,, 02:26
Used to use AVG, had trouble downloading it for my 'new' computer (new to me, I think it's 8 years old), the IT guys at my school told me to try Avira. I had mentioned my hatred of Norton, and they said AVG was becoming more Nortonesque, which kind of matched my own perception. I'm liking Avira so far, completely unobtrusive, no software conflicts at all.

13 Dec 10,, 05:35
I have used the free version of Avast and it was fine, but after I had to use the recovery disk I opted to try the paid version of Avast instead. To use the free version you have to jump through a hoop or two and if that is your thing, go for it. Avast is highly recommended by my work IT people fo the free version and I like how the paid version acts a little bit better.

I was told by same people not to go with AVG although I do see some of the others use it without a problem.

13 Dec 10,, 14:41
i guess i'll add avast to my list, then. now i'll have window's own firewall, pc tools free, avg free, avast, and malwarebytes. yeah, paranoia much? :biggrin:

13 Dec 10,, 18:58
I use Kaspersky 2011 Internet security combined with the free version of malware bytes. Its always worked fine for me.
I've also used agnitium outpost firewall, it was also good.

Big K
13 Dec 10,, 20:17
i am a gamer, so i play online games and i have to be very careful about my pings...

so i use NOD32 & Avira...both are great and dont affect dramatically my conn which is very limited (1mbit bandwidth)

NOD32 is better supportwise, avira is cost effective (its free :D )

13 Dec 10,, 21:43
I use trend micro titanium version. Has lots of gadets and hasn't let me down in the five years or so using it. The old ones where kinda a pain becuase of update times and stuff, but this years version seems really killer and faster. Scans everything too....Email, flashdrives and anything before it gets opened. Its handy for me because I use flashdrives a lot at work and then bring them home and work on them. The comps at work are a slew of insecurity.

13 Dec 10,, 21:55
I use Prevx v3.0..tried all the others...but you'll have to pay for it and renew it annually...worth the money so far...great at nixing evil root kits and fast scans...German company.