View Full Version : Pic issues

21 Nov 10,, 03:10
Can someone tell me if my pc is missing something ? Some of the pics on the forum are displayed as seen in the pic below. I tried all browsers, no luck. Any ideas ?

Tarek Morgen
21 Nov 10,, 03:20
There should be nothing wrong with your pc. This happens to my knowledge only to pictures that were uploaded several years ago and probally got lost/damaged during any of the moves/upgrades of WAB.

Simply check the date of the post of the pictures you try to access. When you see things like above they should be from sometime around pre 2006.

21 Nov 10,, 03:55
Yeah the server hosting WAB at that time had a major hiccup somewhere round 2006. Everything was recovered from backups except the uploaded pictures.

21 Nov 10,, 05:48
Thank you for the update. I can sleep easy now :)