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Double Edge
05 Nov 10,, 17:48
Happened to catch this serial here and was quite engrossed with it after a few episodes. The protagonist is an applied pschologist with his own practice, the Lightman group and he consults to clients who need to know whether a subject is lying. He seems to be able to do it so expertly and with alarming accuracy.

I wondered if this was just the usual hollywood fare but the wiki says the serial is based on the life & work of a real person, a Dr. Paul Eckman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ekman) who succeded in showing that facial expressions are universal when it comes to expressing emotion regardless of culture as was previously thought.

The applications of this kind of a skill seem very compelling in the sense they are non-invasive, invlove carefully crafted questions and then the subject reveals their emotions involuntarily without any need for stress or force. But the trick is this skill of 'reading' emotions isn't easy to master and experiences with transport security revealed a success rate no better than flipping a coin.

Though my experiences with British customs tells another story, they have all sorts of mind tricks up their sleeve, like letting you get almost to the exit of the green channel and then suddenly calling you back, then the guy slips his hand into the bag whilst watching your expressions, if you give the right response he let's you go otherwise its a cue to search further. So maybe in the US it has not worked but the Brits seem to have a canny way of implementing it. Maybe they just pay their customs ppl better salaries as i'd expect this type of skill is not that easy to find.

There was the one time i had a lot of homemade pickles in my carryon and this stuff is made with lots of oil, which had slowly leaked out during my trip. The guy sticks his hand into my bag and out it comes soiled with some wierd looking shit, the expression on his face was priceless, he just said GO, and i was pissing myself all the way to the exit :biggrin:

05 Nov 10,, 19:40
Ive seen it. hated Hated HATED that guy. Would really have liked to see someone give him a good right hook to the chin.

Double Edge
05 Nov 10,, 20:39
Eh ? Tim Roth is awesome in that role.

So good they even allowed him to keep his accent ;)

Interesting article, circa 2002 from the New Yorker magazine on Ekman

The Naked Face (http://www.gladwell.com/2002/2002_08_05_a_face.htm)

05 Nov 10,, 21:22
I just found him immensely smug and irritating.

In any case I always root for the villain in all these super cool guy catches the bad guy shows.

Double Edge
05 Nov 10,, 22:16
I just found him immensely smug and irritating.
Standard traits of a highly paid consultant ?

06 Nov 10,, 06:54
See if you are a consultant, then either you got to be cool like the guy from white collar or get slapped and/or punched every now and then like the guy from the mentalist

11 Nov 10,, 23:36
The misses and I thoroughly enjoy that show, we DVR it when we can't see it. She tells me that I should feel lucky she doesn't have his ability... Or any woman for that matter, she's good enough as it is.