View Full Version : Redirection to file2store when trying to get to WAB

01 Nov 10,, 13:42
I had this problem a while ago but it went away with the upgrade to the forum\WAB. I am back to having this problem. I use both a Mac OS X and WinXP. Multiple computers now get redirected to file2store when I use my bookmark\link the first time. When I go back to use the same link\bookmark a second time, I get to WAB fine. It only seems happens on the first occurrence. I have virus protection and scan for malware. Since it is with multiple computers and OS's it must be a problem on the WAB side?

01 Nov 10,, 14:08
File2Store.info - Easy 2 Use File Hosting (http://file2store.info/download.php?id=F2BAD6FB)
that one ?

01 Nov 10,, 14:25
Got that here too (same URL), although it was on a link to WAB from google.

01 Nov 10,, 14:54
I got file2store using a google link: www.worldaffairsboard.com
message at top of page was: File with specified ID not found. It may have been removed for breaking the rules.

But had no trouble with my favorites link:http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/index.php

01 Nov 10,, 15:13
But had no trouble with ......................:http://
ok thanks

01 Nov 10,, 17:08
Yes! - File2Store.info - Easy 2 Use File Hosting
My link goes right to Battleships Forum (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/battleships-forum/) as this is where I am usually at. Usually the first time on each computer for the day.