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11 Oct 10,, 20:11
Attention-seeking author hurls his book at Obama
By Brett Michael Dykes brett Michael Dykes 1 hr 17 mins ago

Yes, the publishing industry is reeling these days, but surely authors surely can find less disruptive ways to promote their newly published works than hauling off and throwing a copy at the president of the United States.

But you know what they say: There's no such thing as bad publicity. Something like that thought probably crossed the mind of the unidentified man who hurled a paperback at President Obama at a rally at Philadelphia's Vernon Park over the weekend. Mark Knoller of CBS said that the Secret Service has interviewed the author, whom they described as an "overexuberant" Obama supporter who merely wanted to make sure that the president had a copy of his book. The determined scribe said he meant no harm but exercised horrendous judgment -- and that was apparently good enough for the Secret Service, which didn't seek charges against him. After agents with the service questioned the man, they saw to his release.

Neither the man nor the book has been identified as of this writing. The White House did not immediately respond to The Upshot's requests for more background on the episode.

You can watch a report on the incident below, courtesy of ABC News:

On the plus side, this was at least a promotional stunt in which the instigator kept his clothes on. At the start of the weekend rally -- which Obama headlined in an effort to build enthusiasm in the Democratic base for the midterm campaign home stretch -- authorities apprehended a would-be streaker. The man, who has since been identified as Juan James Rodriguez, attempted to sprint naked in front of Obama with the name of a website written on his chest. According to the Weekly Standard, Rodriguez sought the $1 million reward offered by a shipping industry billionaire to the first person to successfully streak by Obama with the name of the billionaire's website written on the streaker's chest. (In the spirit of staving off future presidential-streaking encounters, we can report here that the website is called battlecam.com.)

A White House official told ABC News that staffers knew about the streaking incident but that no one in the president's contingent actually saw the naked man attempt to dash in front of the stage.

Many originally thought that the book-hurler was acting out of anger, much like the infamous Iraqi reporter who hurled a shoe at then-President George W. Bush. But high spirits often get out of hand in Philadelphia. This, after all, is a city whose residents are famous for booing Santa Claus. By those civic standards, a streaker and a text missile in the vicinity of the president's head make for a pretty serene day.

(Photo: Reuters/Jim Young)

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11 Oct 10,, 20:16
How do we know the book thrower is not a democrat operative planted by the DNC to generate buzz for Obama's visit? :hide:

Officer of Engineers
11 Oct 10,, 20:52
He missed.

11 Oct 10,, 21:03
:biggrin: maybe a little bonk on the head would help? :tongue:

11 Oct 10,, 21:28
And if that doesn't work, maybe a bigger bonk? I say we should bonk bigger and bigger books off Barack's brain until he betters himself

11 Oct 10,, 22:41
Why do you hate Obama so much, Bigross? Just curious.

11 Oct 10,, 22:55
Good thing it wasn't a shoe or the guy would've been canonized by the media...

12 Oct 10,, 01:09
Why do you hate Obama so much, Bigross? Just curious.

Disregarding all the shit he's done to the USA, I dislike his kowtowing to the Muslim world, and his basically offering Israel up on a platter to the Palestinians. Settlements were NEVER an issue in any peace talks until Obama decided they were an issue. Now the Palestinians won't budge on that point, even though the settlements are by far the least obstacle to peace.

12 Oct 10,, 01:09
Good thing it wasn't a shoe or the guy would've been canonized by the media...

If it had been an Obama hater throwing an anti-Obama book he already would be.