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25 Sep 10,, 09:55
It is a strange day in Melbourne & it is going to be an even stranger week. Everyone is feeling a bit surreal. First a drawn election, now a drawn GF.

Unlike most codes, if our GF is drawn we come back next week & do it again. The GF is one of the biggest days in Melbourne every year & lots of things are schedlued to kick off the next week - like cricket season. Organisers of all sorts of events are going to be furiously making phone calls over the next few days. The AFL will be overjoyed, though the people in charge of planning pre-game entertainment will be frantic. I guess this means another Grand Final parade, another Norm Smith medal, another round of predictions round of Grand Final BBQs. COOL!

For the record I expected an easy Collingwood win today, but since I hate them I am very pleased they didn't win. After the game they looked shattered & the Saints looked up. Could make a difference next week.

COLLINGWOOD 4.2 7.8 7.13 9.14 (68)
ST KILDA 3.2 4.2 7.5 10.8 (68)

The 2010 AFL grand final has ended in an incredible draw after Collingwood and St Kilda pushed themselves to the limit in a stunning season decider at the MCG.

In arguably the best finish to a grand final in the modern era, a behind to St Kilda's Lenny Hayes at the 29-minute mark levelled the scores and meant the 2010 premiership will be decided with a grand final rematch next week.

In a kick reminiscent of Barry Breen's behind which delivered St Kilda its only premiership in 1966 with a one-point win over the Magpies, a snap from Hayes on the half-forward flank took a flukey bounce and passed two players before crossing the line.

Collingwood 9.14 (68) finished level with St Kilda 10.8 (68).

St Kilda had staged a stunning revival in the second half after the Magpies had dominated the first half but only progressed to a 24-point lead at the main break.

Collingwood led all day but the Saints finally got back on level terms 18 minutes into the first quarter when a snap out of the pack by Nick Riewoldt went through for a behind.

Earlier, Leon Davis - who had been quiet all day - bobbed up for what seemed like the match-winning goal at the eight-minute mark of the final term, extending the Magpies' lead to 14 points and cutting short the St Kilda revival. It was also their first goal of the second half.

But the Saints did not give up and continued their relentless push towards a premiership.

Only minutes later Robert Eddy hit the post with a tough kick from the boundary line before Norm Smith Medallist Lenny Hayes bombed a goal from beyond 50 metres in front and bring the Saints fans to their feet.

Stephen Milne marked and goaled shortly after to bring the margin to just one point.

After Riewoldt's snap out of the pack, Brendon Goddard - who was vying for best-on-field honours with Hayes - took a stunning speccy near the goal square and converted the goal to give the Saints a six-point lead.

At that point, the Saints had scored three goals in eight minutes to wrest back the ascendancy.

But into time-on Travis Cloke managed a goal in the square, courtesy of a handball from Chris Dawes sitting on the ground to give the Magpies back the lead.

That one-point advantage was negated by the Hayes behind which will forever live in footy folklore.

It's the first draw in a grand final since the 1977 clash between Collingwood and North Melbourne.