View Full Version : T-72b

24 Sep 10,, 06:46
Russian tank.

Gun Grape
25 Sep 10,, 05:19
As always looking good.

One of the things I like about your models is that you haven't jumped on the "Heavy chipping and weathering" craze.

I have joined a couple of modeling sites ( think I just joined yours) and that seems to be the big thing. Tanks that look like they spent decades in a combat zone instead of the days or weeks that the person is modeling them as.

25 Sep 10,, 12:56
Thanx gun Grape, I agree totally here. I am traveling around the world looking at museums, and I have never seen anything that look like heavy chipping.. That`s why I stick to this look.

23 Oct 10,, 03:54
That is fantastic! I really admire the detail on the HMG on top the turret and the rust in all the right places. Great job!