View Full Version : Rocking the Casbah

05 Jul 10,, 16:29
Earlier today on Youtube: Israeli Soldiers Dancing in the Streets of Hebron

It happened on Casbah Street in the Jewish section of Hebron. The video starts with what appears to be a standard sweep of the area, when suddenly, things get busy and the music turns up.

Yes, these soldiers could be court marshaled for this, especially the part where they aim their M16s, but you have to thank them for their creativity. A little comedy in Hebron, a little lightening of the mood. Letís hope either they donít get caught, or that they were given permission to do this.

The video was up for only a few hours and after receiving a few hundred hits was removed by the user. Thankfully there's at least one other video out there, I was able to locate it.

I'm really hoping they don't get court-martialed for this, though even if they do, it will be completely worth it.


05 Jul 10,, 19:09
Ha ha ha ha!

05 Jul 10,, 22:02