View Full Version : 1/32nd F-16C In Euro I

14 Apr 10,, 22:42
I've had this kit for about 20 years now (the instructions say "1991" on them), and I didn't want to paint it in the same, boring grey-on-grey paint scheme that 90% of the world's F-16's are painted in, so I decided to choose a little-known paint scheme from the '80s that was used experimentally on the F-16 at ADC in anticipation of it's use as a CAS fighter. The tests proved (or disproved) that the so-called "charcoal lizard" camouflage was only useful at low level over forested terrain, not so good at altitude or over other terrain. Since the "Hill grey" camo was easier & cheaper to apply, and provided roughly the same amount of camouflage as the "charcoal lizard" camo, the USAF stuck with the "Hill grey" camo. However, I still think it looks pretty cool, so that's why I did it. Anyway, here's how far I've gotten so far:

This is the box it (originally) came in back in the '90's; I also picked up Revell's 1/32nd F-16N at the same time, but that one's still on the shelf (it'll probably end up with a newer USAF Aggressor scheme as used out at Nellis eventually):


Here are (most) of the parts for it (after some assembly!):


And this is how far I've gotten:


I HOPE to finish painting it this weekend, and I'll post some more pictures (hopefully) next week (though, at the rate I complete projects, it'll probably be more like next month!).