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12 Apr 10,, 13:49
Actually, Phil Mickelson won, but for millions of women around the country, it must feel like a lipstick-sized victory. Mickelson, in case you forgot, is the guy who stayed true to his wife. He's the guy who's been missing tournaments the last 11 months while he flies her back and forth to a breast cancer specialist in Houston. He's the guy who didn't need reminding that women are not disposable.

ESPN Coverage (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=5077009)

As a long-time Phil fan, (we lefties have to stick together!) I was extatic to see him win his 3rd Masters. That shot on 13 out of the pine straw??? All-Time. He should have had an Eagle, but blew the 8 footer and settled for Birdie.

My favorite was Tiger's return. Got all the media attention, all the coverage, he still acted like a child when he had a miscue (dropping his club on the ground, shouting "God Dammit!" and such) I mean, that's stuff that I do on the course--not a PGA Tour professional with multiple major victories and 4 green jackets of his own.

Tiger can jump in the water hazard and drown for all I care.

Good finish between Westwood and Mickelson.

02 Nov 10,, 15:10
Tiger has been dethroned as #1, Well deserved for Westwood storming back since 2003 when he was ranked 266 in the world...