View Full Version : How would you define the situation "World War" today?

Herc the Merc
15 Mar 10,, 05:56
With 190 or so countries (I think) what would be the definition of "World War"??
1) War in 50% of the countries, or war and civil unrest in 50% or more
2) War in 50% of the populace including civil war
3) War on all continents ( I guess Australia and Antartica would be spared for the early phases)
4) War in the major economies
5) Majority of the Big 5 or military powers at war (US/UK are already at war).

Or has WW3 already started? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran unrest and US covert action there, Mexico drug wars, Greece drifting into chaos, India-Pakistan hot borders, India China hot borders, China Taiwan tension, North Korea breakdown. Russia recently waltzed into Georgia and thratened Ukraine. Are these precursors for the big one?

15 Mar 10,, 12:05
Why should WW3 be looked at in the same lens as WW2/WW1 i.e. in terms of number of dead, mobilization of national economy etc. Why can't WoT not be considered a world war? China, US, India, Russia, Britain. Israel, afghanistan all fight Islamic extremism. WoT spans continents like africa, europe etc, has been responsible for pre-emptive wars, managed to impact huge number of people (from in-convenience at airports to changing immigration patterns) etc.