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15 Mar 10,, 04:30
Need to see your team play? At work? Here you go-complete with BOSS button for those uncomfortable moments-

CBS Sports March Madness On-Demand NCAA Games (http://mmod.ncaa.com/?ttag=MMOD10_on_all_goog_twt_0008)

15 Mar 10,, 19:41

Now to ensure I can stream video over my DoD computer... :mad:

17 Mar 10,, 19:34
President Obama's Bracket Selections (http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/en/entry?entryID=3288143)

Here's S-2's. I confess to blatant homerism. Go Badgers!

S-2 Bracket Selections (http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/en/entry?entryID=703633)

18 Mar 10,, 20:54
So... Who picked the first upset (ND going down to an 11 seed)

19 Mar 10,, 00:41
Not I. Missed on a couple already. Had Florida beating BYU and, yeah, didn't see the Notre Dame upset. Villanova got damned lucky at the end too.

22 Mar 10,, 16:55
I can only imagine how *ucked up everyone's bracket is right now.

Who would have thought Kansas would have lost already!?!

22 Mar 10,, 16:56
Well Wisconsin nosedived yesterday against a Cornell team that put on a tremendous shooting display. We got good and truly whacked at our own game.

22 Mar 10,, 16:58
All I can root for now is Big 10. OSU, of course (I'm an Ohioan originally), and MSU normally puts up a good fight.

13 Feb 11,, 01:35
Getting to be about that time again. I'm, of course, in seventh heaven over the fact that my Badgers have defeated the #1 Buckeyes now twice in about four months. We've beaten #1 teams before (Minnesota 1997) but this might be a first to have defeated the Buckeyes in both football and basketball while they were ranked #1 during the same school year.

Pretty neat!

17 Mar 11,, 10:38
San Diego State missed the #1 seed... but we're In a good bracket.

Albany Rifles
21 Mar 11,, 02:17
My Mounties went down yesterday....but I didn't expect them to go far.

But how about my hometown Rams & Spiders!

Central Virginia is representing!!!!

21 Mar 11,, 02:58
Wisconsin is standing tall with both UW and Marquette advancing. I hate MU but it only makes our road win against them in December look that much better. Big Ten came into the day with five but Michigan lost a close one to Duke and Purdue got blown out by Virginia Commonwealth. I doubt Illinois gets past Kansas but it's close at the half. We'll see. Given the Illini are only shooting 39% but down only four they stand a chance if they can pick their game up.

Albany Rifles
21 Mar 11,, 13:40
If you had this bracket one week ago in your office pool you either were smoking crack or were the stunt double for Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.

To quote Beano Cook..."Unbelievable!"

Albany Rifles
25 Mar 11,, 13:41
Unreal....Arizona just boat raced Duke!

What an absolute wreckage peoples brackets must be!

Go VCU & Richmond!! (Yeah, I know...wishful thinking!)