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24 Feb 10,, 23:38
This is first part of the documentary:

YouTube - Ÿе€вая Че‡енская.На войне как на войне (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiJh3aa2rqA)

And this is my translation (I'd appreciate if someone corrected my mistakes via PM).

One day I realized that i was tired of my work and decided to change my occupation... So I went to drafting office and they said that I could serve in North Caucausus.

1:00 - 1:30
I was always carrying both assault rifle on the left side and camera on the right side. Filming was my hobby. No one objected because I was one of them, every one wanted to be some way remembered. Journaulists are usually disliked because they misrepresent their materials.

1:45 - 3:30 (ranting about journos and how the soldiers made exhibitions for them)

Different people arrived there (policemen, ex-criminals etc), mostly due to economic situation in the country: no work, no money, one could either thieve or die of hunger. so they managed to find third way, go to war and get some money.

- dont stop, dont stop!
You can see splashes (bullets hitting the ground). These are infantrymen being trained to hear the sound of shots when someone is shooting at them, not near them.

- how do you find this war, lt. colonel?
- positive. what else can we do? plants, factories are closed and stay in ruins.
- may be because everyone is at war?
- there is shi*y work only
- so you are for this war?
- no, I'm against any war, I just joked.

This officer was real professional. He could hit power line insulators shooting from belt from 50 m distance.

- how you doing?
- i'm ok
- what vehicle is this?
- bmp-2
- where are you from?
- Kursk. and you?
- i'm from Kuban'. filming for myself, just for fun... let's drink, if we survive it.

There were lot's of dry "perlovka" (pearl barley), vapid food. Infantrymen were going to blast their support officer.
- how's your food?
- you will taste it yourself.
- got it.
- (showing soup container) there is something in the soup: carrot, beet-root, diesel fuel is flashing.
- (showing tea cup) you see, it's very strong tea (laughing), sugar-free.

- guys, wtf are you doing? why did you kill the doggy? it was very nice doggy.
- on the plus side we have dog food (goulash) now.
- is it tasty?
- God knows, personally I dont eat dogs.

That is very picturesque scene. The guys are looking for louses. New soldiers' underwear was brought infected by louses, so all soldiers it the brigade got pediculosis.

- these are chechen women, two old and two young.
- no, one old, one young and two very young.

- please, open. why are you doing this?

This is so-called "gauptvakhta" (detention cell). The guy drank a lot in hospital, then arrived to Chechnya, but there was no vodka. He stopped drinking to fast and got crazy probably due to delirium tremens. (The detainee is mumbling)

This is regular container "reconstructed" to gauptvakhta. Also there was "central" gauptvakhta of the brigade, just metal box sunk into the earth. (The guy opens the trap-door of the "central" gauptvakhta)