View Full Version : Korea fairy sets world record at the Winter Olympic

24 Feb 10,, 07:06
Kim Yuna of South Korea sets world record in figure skating competion of Vancouver Winter Olympic. Kim Yuna marked 78.5 score. It's nearly a perpect performance. Japanese figure skater Asada Mao acted first before Kim yuna and took 73.78 score. So there is high expection that Yuna Kim is to win a gold medal.

Yesterday Lee Seung-hoon also powered to a surprise victory in the men's 10,000-meter speed skating event at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The gold is the first for an Asian skater in a long-distance speed skating event. Now Korea won 5 gole medal in this Vancouver Olympic Games and ranked 6th country in the world.

Is it really surprising!!? As you know, Korea is not big country. It's very small country, but it beat Japan and China.

Hi, guys, please keep sight of Kim Yuna's acting and how good score Korea could get.


24 Feb 10,, 07:14
With a title like that, I thought you're talking about a male figure skater...:biggrin:

24 Feb 10,, 15:16
Why Gunnut, what ever could you mean? Figure skating and Ice dancing are every bit as intense, tough and manly as hockey, luge or downhill skiing.