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17 Feb 10,, 14:36
Pretty nifty little browser game here. Pretty much join and fight or work for your country.

Right now the US seems to be invading England with an alliance, and the Canadians have taken Delaware:eek:! There is an absurd number of Poles playing, in fact they seem to top most of the stats.

well, anyone with the time (around 5 minutes) in their day and the inclination can use this link quickly, or just do a type of erepublic in google, its the second choice on the list.;)


17 Feb 10,, 15:46
Wow , seems Turkey has trouble there :eek:

18 Feb 10,, 21:52
lol just joined! what fun!

20 Feb 10,, 00:48
Just signed up... this looks like fun, lol. Thanks Diablo49.
Btw, I wonder what will happen when the Canadian US Alliance comes to an end in 6 days.

21 Feb 10,, 06:26
no prob ^^! As far as I can tell our countries are part of a large alliance called eden, so it would probably be renewed, though i'm not to sure on what's up with Canada and Delaware, not up on the whole e-republic terminology but a blocking move is apparently what Canada is doing.

24 Feb 10,, 01:39
Hear is another link! click it and join up, and I get 5 gold!!! please use my link, I am poor:frown: http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Andrew+Canmoore

BTW, I have a question. I am working towards being a hard worker, I want to be a manager and create my own company. Do I need to work 30 days straight with the same company? Or can I switch companies, and still work towards hard worker?

24 Feb 10,, 02:36
you can switch companies and still earn the medal as long as you work every day (personal experience from switching companies).

24 Feb 10,, 04:16
Yes, I admit it was weird seeing Delaware as a part of Canada... Btw, whats up with the Polish plan to conquer the world....

03 Mar 10,, 23:15
sorry to not answer this sooner. I couldn't tell you polish plans, but they are an ally of ours in game, and part of a sort of grand alliance called eden, this alliance is countered by an alliance called phoenix, which among others includes Russia and Hungary.

By what I can tell the alliance Eden is on pretty shaky ground right now.

08 Mar 10,, 03:36
Ah I should note that anyone who joins as a US citizen should join in either California, Florida, or preferably, Karnataka. groups exist to allow people to move to these territories without having to spend money (called the flying uniform squadron) to get free moving tickets for there in case you have already picked a different state (or captured territory). On the EUS forum there is also a welcoming committee for new citizens to be able to learn more. :)