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17 Feb 10,, 01:51
ESPN The Magazine - Rick Reilly: An apology to Vancouver and the Olympic Games - ESPN (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=reilly_rick&id=4916058)

I think he's pretty much an a$$ during most of the column, but this part was too funny to pass up.

The big, emotional moment -- the lighting of the Official Olympic Giant Reefers -- was botched. Only three of the Official Olympic Giant Reefers came up, and points are deducted for going for the quad and pulling only a triple. Although I did like torchbearer Wayne Gretzky being taken to the lighting of the Official Olympic Giant Outdoor Reefers in the back of a pickup truck.


Overall, while the weather has been unfortunate, this isn't out of the ordinary for the Winter Games, and I think that Vancouver has done well. It certainly is beautiful country.

17 Feb 10,, 03:18

I am certainly enjoying the olympics...but geez, anything that can go wrong, is going wrong!! botches opening ceremonies, quebec politicians crying that there was not enough french in the opening ceremonies (WHAT!!!)

15'C weather on the ski slopes! rain, fog, british press, mud, cancelled tickets, cancelled events, crappy ice, british press, an unfortunate accident resulting in the death of an athlete, did I mention british press?

But hey, we are reduced to dumping snow via choppers on Cypress mountain, and building jumps out of scaffolding and bails of hay. But guess what! we (canada) have had the majority of our medals at Cypress!! so it cant be all bad.

Mr. Murphy decided to come and watch the Olympics. Maybe he will be impressed enough that he will take a visit to the London Games!!