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27 Jan 10,, 00:41
When I was younger I built mostly 1/35 scale armor, 1/72 scale aircraft and 1/700 scale waterline ships. May get back into the 1/35 and 1/700 scale stuff later but for right know its 1/72.

I am working on a diorama that I have had floating around in my head for 25 or so years. I have started it over and over several times. I got the idea from a very old Airfix kit that had a couple of British vehicles and guns around a North African (Libyan) building that had one end blown out. Due to the internet I have a super abundance of reference material to work with. I also like to use this reference material to scratch build from. I have cast a few sets of wheels, axles and such so that I can build models that you can't get through the wholesale/retail market. I am a retired jeweler and have plenty of tools of the type that make it a little easier and believe it or not I have hung onto the airbrush compressor that I bought when I was in my early 20s. Damn, that was a long time ago.

I'll start with the building used for head quarters for a repair outfit, 1941 North Africa.

Anyway here are a few pics of what I am working on.

27 Jan 10,, 00:54
Some of the subjects. An Opal Blitz Ambulance from Italeri, a P 107 U.304 and 15cm sIG33 field gun both from ACE and an Einheits shop truck that I scratch built. I cast the wheels and rear end on the Opal. That is why they are lighter in color. If the will fit the kit model they will certainly work for scratch building.

27 Jan 10,, 00:59
I also whipped up a trailer. There will be much much more to go with all of this. I only have the work bench and a few small items to go into the shop truck. There will be generators, electric and gas welders and I have and oil can but it is much to small to get a clear photo. All of these items will be built from scratch just like the bench, vice and cans.

In 1/72 scale a 6ft tall man would be 1 inch tall.

27 Jan 10,, 02:42
Nice stuff!!

I'm thinking of doing a 1/72 diorama myself this spring...