View Full Version : For all the Daddies, Hubbies, and otherwise Santas out there...

25 Dec 09,, 06:56
I am making this thread for all the men and women out there that stay up into the wee hours of the morning making sure that their loved ones wake up to a dazzling display of presents, lights, and all other things Christmas.

I am starting this thread off with my office/family den. I just got done and I am beat. Merry Christmas!!!

25 Dec 09,, 06:58
PS I should really learn to resize pics...

dave lukins
25 Dec 09,, 18:44
I hope all went to plan and everyone had a fantastic day. MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

26 Dec 09,, 15:12
Beautiful pictures! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

I see you have at least one cat that got a cool present! Those scratch pads are fantastic. What kind of pet is in the cage?

26 Dec 09,, 17:16
A very fat gunea pig :)