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Joachim Boaz
16 Dec 09,, 07:54
I was voted best plastic modeler in Aus in 1978.

30 years latter. I still get the itch to make a plane or an AFV.

But i have been subverted by the great satan called computer games.
My will turned aside to be a rogue in Dragonage or Lt Boaz in ArmA2 dragon Rising.

I am weak.. forgive me


Officer of Engineers
16 Dec 09,, 08:00

Joachim Boaz
16 Dec 09,, 09:32
Pictures of what?
I gave them all away decades back.
I assure you..
You would be wowed by my sdkfz251/d scratchbuild.

As i said.. i play PC games now instead. HPS as well [pbem]

I looked for Officer of engineers photo's exct. nothing.
Are you sure you know what you talk about?
I do.
Give me a hasegawa mg42 in 1/35 and i'll show you a work of art 10mm long
[advise.. dont FW a 'wais' of 170]


Officer of Engineers
18 Dec 09,, 14:51
What a dumbass. You spout that you're good and when I ask to see your work, you tell me to take your word for it.

Go away.

18 Dec 09,, 15:02

I am weak.. forgive me

And the Padre of Vlad sends his blessings , along with Ooe,s , i have seen several plastic models and lots of em vibrated ,a bit like you , now go forth with a rich enlightenment :rolleyes: