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14 Apr 05,, 10:17
Illegal border crossings hinder F-16 training at Gila Bend, Az.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - The US military lost significant amounts of training time because illegal immigrants from Mexico constantly wandered onto a bombing test range in Arizona. The Air Force said it has had to interrupt exercises with F-16 jet fighters after illegal immigrants were spotted on a bombing range east of Gila Bend, north of the Mexican border.

"In 2004 we suspended range operations 55 times for a net loss of 122 hours," said Jim Uken, director of the 56th Fighter Wing range management office.

There is some concern that, besides wandering immigrants, foreign terrorists could cross the Mexican border and infiltrate the Arizona bases to conduct intelligence gathering or commit acts of sabotage.

Smugglers just drive the immigrants up the highway and dump them off, where they stumble right onto the testing range.

The commissioner of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection said more than half the undocumented immigrants entering the United States come through Arizona. He promised that federal help is on the way.

Two other bases in Arizona, have experienced similar problems. The Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, which for nearly 40 miles touches the US-Mexico border in the southwestern corner of Arizona, and the Army Yuma Proving Ground, which is about 30 miles north of the border.

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14 Apr 05,, 15:14
This story was posted on my board too.

Simply amazing.