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29 Nov 09,, 13:31
India-US reprocessing pact in a week: MK Narayanan- International Business-News-The Economic Times (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/5281608.cms)

India and the US will conclude a crucial pact on reprocessing spent fuel in a week or so, with negotiators trying to sort out the right language to accommodate each other's concerns, India's National Security Adviser MK Narayanan said in Port of Spain.

"We have arrived at the final stage. It's all a matter of legalese now," Narayanan said Saturday

Informed sources said that the gap between the two sides has narrowed down to just one issue of suspension of the right to reprocess in case India conducts a nuclear test or indulge in activities that may jeopardise the nuclear deal.

There were three issues that were holding up the reprocessing pact. Out of these, two issues have been resolved. The Americans have accepted India's proposal for multiple dedicated national facilities for reprocessing spent fuel, sources said.

The second issue related to security of reprocessing facilities. The issue was resolved after India agreed to security levels followed by nuclear powers like the US.

The only issue waiting to be resolved is that of the suspension of the supply of reprocessing technologies in the event of India conducting a nuclear test.

Indian officials have made it clear to their American interlocutors that India was not ready to move away from what is outlined in the 123 civil nuclear cooperation agreement.

After labyrinthine negotiations, the US had agreed to India's right to reprocess spent fuel. The conclusion of the reprocessing pact will effectively conclude the landmark nuclear deal that was inked by India and the US last year.