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Big K
07 Nov 09,, 04:08
Nefes: Vatan sagolsun (2009) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1171701/)

A Third Trailer For Hugely Impressive Turkish War Film Nefes

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We’ve been following the progress of Levent Semerci’s Nefes in these pages for well over a year now for one very simple reason: it looks simply fantastic. A war drama in the classic style of Platoon or others that balance out drama with action, Semerci’s film tracks the life of a young man from enlistment through to active military service in an active, hostile region - protecting an alpine relay station against extremist and terrorist forces. Beautifully shot with a good dose of realism ensured by Semerci hiring largely unknown actors, having them trained by retired military officers, and basing the story on the memoirs of actual military servicemen this just looks like potent, raw stuff.

We’ve posted two trailers for the film in the past and a third has just arrived. Very, very impressive.


- Todd Brown

Nefes: Vatan sagolsun (2009) - News (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1171701/news#ni0639277)

i've seen it. in 2003 read the book also. the books also tells many different stories from there.

for me the importance of the film comes from its very realistic insights from TAF and its members.

if you can i suggest you to watch the movie. heres the trailers:



Big K
07 Nov 09,, 04:23
# Fighting heard on the radio in the middle of the film was actually taken from the fight at the end of the film.

# Phone records in the film were actually recorded with the actors' real parents.

# Events depicted in the film are loosely based on the "First Aktutun Attack" on 13 September 1992 where 22 soldiers were killed by PKK terrorists.

# Events depicted in the film are loosely based on the "Derecik Attack" on 27 September 1992 where 33 soldiers were killed by PKK terrorists in a major offence. On 29 September 2009 the 200 terrorists who participated in the station attack were neutralized.

Nefes: Vatan sagolsun (2009) - Trivia (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1171701/trivia)

07 Nov 09,, 04:40
I'm definitely going to watch it. Thanks Kerem. I hope I find one with subtitles included.

07 Nov 09,, 05:15
Man,that first movie clip is intense....I'm with Mobbme Kerem....I'll be looking for it;).

07 Nov 09,, 11:18
Thanks , K! This seems to be most impressive movie. Trying to get my hands on it.

08 Nov 09,, 09:57
Dang! Cool stuff Big K.

When oh when will bollywood get off its sequined arse and make something like this for us Indians?!! :(