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06 Nov 09,, 15:05
I find this speech a bit confusing , it was only last week that the meddling martyr known as the P/Minister was sending his congratulations to him , could this now be a prelude to bringing the troops home , General sir Charles Guthrie was giving a speech in the house of lords saying that Brown should stop meddling and let the soldiers do the job and reinforce as the commanders have asked for , it was a scathing outburst

Brown: Afghan Government Is Corrupt

Mark Langford, Sky News Online

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has launched a searing attack on corruption in the government of president Hamid Karzai.

Mr Brown said Mr Karzai's regime had become "a by-word" for corruption and he was "not prepared to put the lives of British men and women in harm's way" for a government that did not stand up to it.

Mr Brown also warned that al Qaeda terrorists continued to plot attacks against Britain from the region.

The premier said he wanted a top-level adviser to be sent to help in the fight against corruption and warned the president that "cronies and warlords should have no place in the future of Afghanistan".

Mr Brown made clear continued allied support for Mr Karzai's administration - including the additional 500 troops he has approved in principle - would be dependent on his delivery of reform.

Mr Brown said he had agreed a set of measures with Mr Karzai to improve the country's security, governance, political settlement, economic development and relations with neighbours like Pakistan.

"We cannot, must not and will not walk away."

Gordon Brown on Britain's military role in Afghanistan
He warned that if Mr Karzai's government failed to fulfil these requirements, "it will have forfeited its right to international support".

Mr Brown made his remarks in a speech to the Royal College of Defence Studies in London.

It follows the death of five British soldiers at the hands of an Afghan policeman whom the Taliban claim was working for them.

He said the key to bringing British troops home from Afghanistan was building up the home-grown armed forces and police to a state where they could deliver security themselves.

Despite the murders the UK would not give up its role of training and mentoring local security forces.

"We will not give up this strategy of mentoring," said Mr Brown. "Because it is what distinguishes a liberating army from an army of occupation.

"Not an army in opposition to local Afghan people but an army supporting local Afghan people."

Mr Brown defended Britain's military mission in Afghanistan, insisting "we cannot, must not and will not walk away", and that action in the country was "our first line of defence" against terror attacks at home.

Paying tribute ahead of Remembrance Day to the British troops who have died in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said: "These men are our heroes today."

Mr Brown acknowledged that Britain's strategy was not "without danger or risk".

He warned that al Qaeda terrorists continue to plot terror attacks on Britain from the region, and said: "This mission must not fail