View Full Version : Has anyone shot an FN P-9?

09 Apr 05,, 05:06
Has anyone fired one or heard anything good/bad about them? I handled one at my local dealer and like it so far. 16+1 9mm capacity, 3 hi caps included, SA/DA with decocker, adjustable grip, modular trigger. $399.00

09 Apr 05,, 18:50
I've only heard good about them; FN loves to make good wepons. And with th xtra mags for $400, I'd definitely get it. And becuase it's SA, definitely get it; you probably won't see a better deal than that.

09 Apr 05,, 19:34
I dont know much about the weapon, but for $400 bucks as long as it's reliable it would be very hard to knock the weapon.

09 Apr 05,, 23:09
I ended up getting it. It shoots great. DA trigger is average, but SA is pretty good, except for some creep. I only got to shoot at 15 yards, but close range accuracy was excellent.

09 Apr 05,, 23:53
Probably get the creep fixed with a good trigger job.

Glad you like it man, good luck with it.

10 Apr 05,, 16:07
FN does it agian; another great gun.
Now I want one.

10 Apr 05,, 19:34
This should probably go on the M9 thread, but it wouldn't surprise me if FN puts this pistol forward to the military. They already have contracts for the M16, SAW, and FN MAG. They could probably do a .45 version if they needed to. No advantage over the sig other than cost and weight, though, and no manual safety. It would fit smaller hands also.

11 Apr 05,, 04:03
Just hook everyone up with DE's and they're all ready to go... ;)

Kontakt Era
22 Jun 05,, 17:51
HEY HEY HEY! I shot one of those..........It was in a video game!

22 Jun 05,, 18:40
it's not bad but not my favorite

22 Jun 05,, 18:42
and it's just a pistol for close range

23 Jun 05,, 00:30
and it's just a pistol for close range

The DE is a great gun for 50+ yard shots, and you can easily go up to 100 yard shots.

And KONTAKT ERA, are you just an urban teen with an overblown ego? It sure sounds like it.

12 Jul 05,, 04:46
I have had mine for about a year and according to my range book I have put 8756 rds thru it. Not one misfire, stovepipe, misfeed, nothing. I took in to a professional gunsmith after 7000 rds to have checked and he asked me if I shot alot, because there was very little wear in throat area. I had the trigger stroked to ease the DA to 4.2 lbs and the SA to 2.3 lbs. I shoot 95 gr +P Corbon for carry practice and 124 gr Hornady XTP handloads for target. At 50 yds you should be able to pull 2''-3 1/2'' groups with out much trouble. Overall it is a good weapon. It is what I use for duty carry.